The Weekly Download #41: Meta finds new ways to annoy us

Do we really need AI chatbots pretending to be fitness models, life coaches, or pirates? Seriously, who asked for this?


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Hey , it’s Sunday, June 30, and here’s what went down this past week.

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Automate browser activity like typing, clicking, and copy-pasting with AI-powered RPA

There’s nothing like spending your day scouring LinkedIn, sending cold DMs, and bantering with strangers. (“This is basically professional brain rot.”)

So, skip the grunt work with ZeroWork, a no-code AI tool that lets you search data on any website and automate browser and social media activity.

🤖 Automate repetitive typing, clicking, and copy-pasting on any website with no-code workflows.

🔛 Utilize ZeroWork's drag-and-drop builder to craft automations, then schedule them to run at daily, hourly, or five-minute intervals.

🧠 Integrate AI into any step of your process with the ChatGPT block to generate content for blog posts, comments, and replies.

Why I Couldn't Resist This Lifetime Deal: I snagged this lifetime deal for a couple of reasons. First off, it was just $79 for a tool I can use forever without shelling out another cent.

But here's the kicker: I'm constantly cutting and pasting between my gig at KnowTechie and my media relations job.

Now, instead of doing it all myself, I can train an AI to handle it, freeing up a ton of time for more important stuff. Total game-changer!

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