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Google continues to be horrible, Disney+ says goodbye to password sharing, and Apple wants to put robots in your home

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It’s Sunday, and it’s been a busy week for tech news, so we have much to cover. Here are some of the topics we’ll discuss today.

🇨🇳 Microsoft's waving red flags about China meddling in elections with some AI hocus-pocus.

🔐 Disney+ is playing hardball over password sharing, while Twitter repaints its blue checkmark system.

💻 Google's exploring paid AI-search results, raising some digital eyebrows! Apple is cooking up some AI-robots for your home.

🤷‍♂️ Amazon "Just Walk Out" tech wasn’t tech at all, but rather people crammed in a room stalking shoppers as they put items in their shopping cart.

⚡️ Tesla is now eyeing robotaxis (again), and this time, it’s totally real—not Elon trying to gas up Tesla’s stock price.

Buckle up, folks; here's your weekly tech rundown! 🚀


📰 This week in tech 📰

Google has to wipe out a crazy number of data points they collected from users who thought they were off the grid in Incognito mode.

It turns out that even though you were browsing in Incognito mode, your data still had a one-way chat with Google’s servers.

Thanks to a class action lawsuit, they’re now being forced to delete all said data - KnowTechie

  • ⚖️ The decision was part of a settlement resulting from a lawsuit where consumers claimed Google was dishonest about privacy in Incognito mode.

  • 💾 Despite users being in Incognito mode, certain data points continue to be sent to Google's servers.

  • 👥 Plaintiffs in the lawsuit felt deceived as they believed their online activity wasn't being tracked at all in Incognito mode.

  • The terms of the settlement involved no direct payment to the class-action plaintiffs.

  • 🏛️ Despite this settlement, individual plaintiffs with specific losses can still sue Google separately.

  • 👁️ The court denied Google's attempt to dismiss the lawsuit in 2021, finding that Google didn't inform users about the data collection in private browsing mode.

Apple is reportedly taking steps into the world of home robots, with a personal bot equipped with an interactive screen that moves autonomously throughout the home – KnowTechie

  • 💡 This project, still in its infancy, raises challenges such as how the bot's screen or 'head' will function for uses such as FaceTime and recognizing people.

  • 🧹 If successful, Apple's robot will join the ranks of existing home robots like iRobot's Roomba.

  • 🚘 Apple's push into home robots comes following the company’s decision to drop its electric vehicle project.

  • 🤔 Engineering challenges and consumer price concerns have been raised, particularly related to balance issues caused by the display's weight on the robot's motor.

  • 💭 Rumors also abound that Apple is developing its own AI technology akin to ChatGPT, potentially enhancing Siri's capabilities.

  • 💰 Speculations about the potential cost of an Apple home robot are high, given the hefty price tag of the company's recent Vision Pro headset launch.

Would you pay real money to use Google’s search engine? Yea, me neither. Nonetheless, the company behind the popular search engine is considering charging users for a service that’s not even close to being finished – KnowTechie

  • 💰 Google is reportedly considering the idea of charging users for a service that utilizes generative AI tools in its search engine results.

  • 🚀 Google has traditionally relied solely on advertising revenue since its launch in 2000.

  • 🧪 Google has already begun experimenting with paid AI services, introducing AI premium tiers to Google One and Google Workspace subscriptions.

  • 🤖 These premium tiers provide access to Google's advanced Gemini Ultra AI assistant for tasks like summarizing reports and writing assistance.

  • 🆓 While Google's Gemini AI model is accessible to non-subscribers, the free version is less performant.

  • ❗ The potential of more paid search results in the standard search experience to incentivize subscriptions could be a concern for users.

Other headlines you may have missed

According to Microsoft, China might use AI to meddle in the elections of other countries, including the US, South Korea, and India, following initial attempts made during Taiwan's presidential election.

Elon Musk Leads America’s Top Tax-Dodging CEOs

This study reveals a link between high CEO pay and corporate tax evasion, with top executives at some companies earning more than the companies pay in taxes.

In response to the upcoming PlayStation 5 Pro, Microsoft is rumored to be planning an Xbox Series X refresh, incorporating features from both the Xbox Series X and Series S models.

🎁 Giveaways

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For the rest of you, keep an eye out for our next official giveaway. We’re cooking something special, so we hope to announce that next week. In the meantime, feel free to enter any of these giveaways here.

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