💻 KnowTechie's Weekly Download: Issue #15 - It's a short one

I went camping this week and had no access to internet for the whole weekend. It was great.

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Happy Sunday! How was everyone’s weekend? I just got back from a camping trip in the Whtie Mountains, New Hampshire. It rained…..the ENTIRE time.

With that said, I’m going to keep this newsletter short and brief. Truthfully, I’m completely wiped, and the faster I can get off this laptop, the faster I can get some rest.

Oh, and apologies for the radio silence last week, but I didn’t have any time to sit down and hammer out the newsletter. But hey, look at it this way: one less email to archive, right?

Here’s what we’ll be tackling today:

  • 📰 News

  • That’s it, sorry.

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Apple launches new $79 USB-C pencil

The new Apple Pencil, priced at a more affordable $79, is a clear nod to the budget-conscious buyer. It ditches the wireless charging for a more modern USB-C port, yet it retains the pixel-perfect accuracy and low latency that make it a favorite among users. Magnetic attachment and hover previews on the iPad Pro lineup are still there, making it a value-packed offering. But I can't help but wonder if it's still overpriced for a stylus. Apple's clearly trying to broaden its market, but is it enough?

Netflix pricing goes 🔼📈🤷‍♂️

Yeah, Netflix has officially announced another price hike, effective immediately, and they are asking for a whopping $23 per month to stream 4K content. It seems like Netflix is testing to see how much more we're willing to pay, especially after they cracked down on password sharing. But for now, the ad-supported plans are staying the same price. It makes you wonder if the higher price is really worth it.

We reviewed the new OnePlus Open 👀

Joe, our managing editor, got his hands on an early review unit of the recently launched OnePlus Open. Before the device went on sale, Joe was able to get some 1-on-1 time with it, and judging by his review, the phone really impressed him. Moral of the story: If you're in the market for a foldable phone, the OnePlus Open is a strong contender against big names like Samsung.

Is your iPhone 15 Pro Max experiencing OLED burn-in?

There's a problem with the new iPhone 15 Pro Max that folks should know about. People on Twitter, Reddit, and Apple's help forums are seeing something weird on their screens. It's like parts of apps or pictures stay on the screen even after they close them. Yeah, not the ideal experience after dropping $1K+ on a phone.

Headlines worth checking out

🍎 Apple's Generative AI Investment: Apple is set to spend around $1 billion per year to integrate generative AI across its ecosystem, including iOS 18, Siri, Music, and other apps. (LINK)

💻 Apple's Mac-Centered Product Launch: Apple plans a "Mac-centered product launch" and may release an updated 24-inch iMac. (LINK)

🎵 Universal Music vs. Anthropic: Universal Music is suing Amazon-backed AI firm Anthropic for $75 million over copyright infringement of lyrics. (LINK)

🕹️ Netflix's Video Games: Netflix is beta-testing video games for its subscribers. (LINK)

📞 India's Tech Scam Raids: Indian authorities raided 76 locations to crack down on fake tech support scams. (LINK)

🎥 YouTube's AI Tool: YouTube is developing an AI tool to help creators mimic musicians. (LINK)

♻️ Battery Recycling: A new method allows for nearly complete recycling of materials from spent car batteries. (LINK)

🚽 Amazon's Urine Scandal: A documentary exposes how Amazon drivers' urine was sold as an energy drink on Amazon. (LINK)

🚗 Musk on Tesla Sales: Elon Musk blames remote workers for Tesla's struggling car sales. (LINK)

Again, sorry for the short newsletter. If you’re here reading this, I appreciate you sticking it out.

Next week, I promise, we have something good cooking so stay tuned. Until next time.

As always, my door is always open. Reply to this email and say hi. Always happy to talk shop.


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