💻 KnowTechie's Weekly Download: Issue #14 – Massive 23andMe breach

Major 23andMe data breach, New Pixel 8 series, Apple's rumored search engine, and more

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Happy Sunday! Phew, what a week. From the highly anticipated releases of the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE and Google Pixel 8 to the unsettling news of the 23andMe data breach and Netflix’s rumored price hike, we were absolutely swamped with exciting stories to dive into.

And now, some personal news. I have finally set up TikTok accounts for both KnowTechie and myself.

Why did it take me so long?

To be honest, the platform intimidated me. There’s a steep learning curve, even for someone like me. However, after dedicating some time to it, I’m really starting to like it. The video editing features are incredible, and they have inspired me to create more drumming videos.

Building a following will take time, so if you could help us out by giving us a quick follow, we would greatly appreciate it. And while you’re at it, feel free to visit my personal account and say hi.

Here’s what we’ll be tackling today:

  • 🔨 Tech Tips

  • 📱 Recent product launches

  • 📰 News

  • 🔎 Tools of the week

  • 🤑 Deals

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💡 Quick Tech Tip 💡

Did you know Uber can return your online orders?

Yup, the ride-hailing service can now pick up your UPS, FedEx, and USPS packages for return.

Returning crap you bought online just got a helluva lot easier, thanks to Uber. Their new Package Return service lets you ditch those impulse buys without leaving your couch.

Just fire up the Uber app, tap Package Return, and select which carrier you wanna send your junk return to. The app will show nearby drop-off spots open in the next hour so you can kiss those regretful purchases goodbye.

Confirm the pickup and dropoff details, and your driver will scoop up your returns. You'll get a pic when they make the handoff at the carrier, so you can rest easy knowing your returns are gone for good.

It's a flat $5 fee to return up to 5 packages, or $3 if you're a baller Uber One member. Just keep each package under 30 pounds and $100 value, and you're golden.

Package returns are available in nearly 5,000 cities. Learn more at Uber.

If you like how-to’s like these, we have a whole bunch of them here.


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🚨 Deals 🚨

📱Recent product launches

🔗 Top stories of the week 🔗

🚨 Update your passwords - MAJOR 23andMe data breach

Well, folks, it looks like 23andMe has gone and gotten themselves hacked.

Yep, the DNA testing company that’s been helping people dig into their ancestry got their user data dumped onto hacker forums.

The breach was a result of a credential-stuffing attack. For those not in the know, this is when hackers take stolen usernames and passwords from one platform and try their luck on another.

The company is urging users to change their passwords. There’s a whole lot more to this story, click below to learn more.

🍎 Apple addresses overheating iPhone 15 bug

Apple confirmed issues causing iPhones to run hotter than expected, traced to bugs in iOS 17, third-party apps like Uber and Instagram, and other factors. This addresses widespread complaints about overheating in the iPhone 15 Pro models. Apple pushed out an update that hopefully fixes the issue.

📲 Google launches new Pixel 8, Pixel Watch 2, and more

Google announced new Pixel phones, watches, and other devices at its Made by Google event. This includes the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro phones with updated cameras and AI features, the Pixel Watch 2 smartwatch, and teasers about the Pixel Tablet.

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📲 Samsung announces new Galaxy S23 FE, Galaxy Buds FE, and Galaxy Tab Tab, and SmartTag 2

Samsung announced new affordable devices like the $599 Galaxy S23 FE phone, $450+ Tab S9 FE tablets, and $100 Galaxy Buds FE earbuds, $30 SmartTags 2, expanding its ecosystem to more people at fair prices.

Headlines worth checking out

🍎 Apple may launch its own search engine called Pegasus to replace Google in its apps and services, according to reports. This could expand to the App Store. (Link)

📎 Microsoft rolled out a rebuilt version of Teams that is less resource intensive, along with new OneDrive features like Copilot integration. This continues Microsoft's focus on improving productivity apps. (Link)

🤖 Google launched Android 14, bringing new capabilities like customizable lock screens, expanded passkey support, and on-device health features. The update started rolling out to Pixel phones. (Link)

⚡️ TikTok is testing a new ad-free subscription option, as social platforms continue to look for revenue streams beyond advertising. Details are limited so far. (Link)

🥹 Google rolled out emoji reactions for Gmail on Android, allowing users to quickly respond to emails with emojis. The feature will come to iOS and the web over the next few months. (Link)

🎮 After closing its 3DS and Wii U eShops in March, Nintendo announced it will shut down online services for the consoles in April 2024, impacting multiplayer and more. (Link)

📱 Meta introduced AI features for advertisers to help generate ad images and text, showing its push to infuse generative AI across its apps and services. (Link)

🏃🏼‍♀️ Fitbit has announced the launch of the Charge 6, the latest version of its popular fitness tracker. It starts at $149.95 and is available for pre-order now, with broad availability starting in late October. (Link)

📚 Spotify expanded into audiobooks, allowing Premium subscribers to stream over 150,000 audiobook titles. This positions Spotify as more of an audiobooks and podcasting platform beyond just music. (Link)

🛠️ Tools of the week ⚒️

Incogni: Incogni is a personal data removal service created by Surfshark that removes users’ personal information from the hands of data brokers. That means less junk mail, spam calls, and more.

myReach: A personal AI assistant designed to serve as a second brain, offering a comprehensive solution for organizing, searching, and extracting information across various media types.

RoomAI: Design your next interior design project with AI. RoomAI lets you upload a picture of the room, and their AI will restyle it with your chosen design preferences.

designstripe: Get a daily feed of personalized, customizable design templates for social media. We’ve been using it here at KnowTechie, and we really like how it’s going.

Draw3D: An online software designed to help users transform their sketches into photorealistic images.

TaskMagic: This app is a virtual assistant that can perform boring internet tasks for you. It learns by recording your actions, saving you time.

Alright, I am wrapping this up. See you guys next week.

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