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Here’s what we’ll be tackling today:

  • 📰 News: Elon Musk, Hollywood, ChatGPT competitors, Meta Threads, Cybertruck, Twitter, Reddit, and much more.

  • 🛠️ New tools in my toolbag

  • 🔎 Top finds this week

  • 💰 Deals, deals, and more deals



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🔗 Coverage Report 🔗

🎥 Studios want to be able to recreate background actors using AI instead of rehiring workers. Naturally, SAG-AFTRA, Hollywood’s bigger labor union, argues that this proposal threatens actor livelihoods and undermines the industry.

Why it matters: If an agreement is not reached, there is a potential for a strike by SAG-AFTRA members, which could impact TV shows and movies currently in production or slated for future release. 😬 

Update: Elon Musk is barking up the wrong tree. Zuck is going to fuck Musk up.

🥊 Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg’s feud continues as Musk suggests a “literal dick-measuring contest” in response to Zuckerberg’s new social media platform, Threads. In a tweet, Musk also calls Zuckerberg a “cuck” and proposes a mixed martial arts bout with him.

Why it matters: Truthfully, this probably won’t impact our lives other than providing pure entertainment. But let’s imagine if this ever happens and Musk loses against a younger Mark Zuckerberg; I can almost guarantee that this is the kind of event that will finally motivate Musk to shut the fuck up for a change.

📉 Elon Musk’s $44 billion investment in Twitter is not going well as Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta gains subscribers for Twitter rival Threads. Musk revealed negative cash flow and a drop in advertising revenue, causing advertisers to pull back. Twitter’s advertising revenue plunged by 89% earlier this year.

Why it matters: Musk's attempt to play Twitter tycoon is turning out to be about as successful as a SpaceX rocket landing on a trampoline. Advertisers are jumping ship. Twitter’s ad revenue plummets. It seems Musk's grand plans are pancaking.

🔗 Other stories worth reading

Elon Musk’s new xAI company launches to ‘understand the true nature of the universe
xAI, Elon Musk’s new AI company, includes team members with experience from other major AI organizations such as OpenAI, Google Research, Microsoft Research, and DeepMind – The Verge

Is OpenAI mishandling your data? The FTC intends to find out
The FTC is opening up an investigation against OpenAI.This investigation could potentially change everything for the AI industry – setting precedents for the regulation of AI-generated content for years – KnowTechie

The shady world of Brave selling copyrighted data for AI training
Brave, a popular web browser, has come under fire for allegedly selling copyrighted user data for AI training purposes without explicit user consent, raising serious ethical and legal questions – StackDiary

🤯 Mind blown shit right here 👇👇👇


🛠️ Tools that I’m Using

Notion AI: This tool is a game-changer if you’re in the Notion ecosystem. Without medication, I’m criminally disorganized. The notion and its new AI assistant make things so much easier. Whether I'm juggling multiple writing projects or hunting down the latest tech news – Notion AI is there every step of the way.

1Password: I can't sing enough praises for 1Password 🔐. It doesn't just store passwords but creates uncrackable ones and syncs them across devices. I haven’t had to remember a password in over four months now. Truly liberating in so many ways. Give it a shot; thank me later.

🛠️ Top Tool Finds This Week

  • Voilà: A Chrome extension that enhances your writing, answers all your questions, helps you create top-notch content, and assists with email replies. All in one convenient place.

  • Design My Room: Design My Room app can redesign your room with just a photo in seconds. Just take a picture of your room, and the iPhone app will give you 5 new designs for your specific room.

  • Swap Anything: An easy-to-use AI tool that quickly changes faces, people, clothes, or backgrounds with just one click. Simply describe the change, choose the element, and let the AI do its magic.

  • GPT WebApp Generator for React & Node.js: Describe your web app idea using plain English, and GPT Web App Generator will scaffold the complete, full-stack app for you. It even gives you the source code!

  • CoFrame: An AI-powered designer, frontend dev, and A/B testing researcher that optimizes your website with generative A/B testing.

  • Levity: This tool lets you train your own AI on documents, images, or text for automating daily tasks. No coding necessary.

  •, your smart scheduling assistant, integrates personal and team calendars with time analytics for seamless organization and productivity

  • Articula: Articula is a call translation app that lets you speak in any language using your own voice. Plus, you can even create a voice clone that can switch between different languages.

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