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Welp, Amazon Prime Day starts NOW

Welcome to the KnowTechie Weekly Download. We know how busy life can be, so we want to ensure you don't miss out on any of the amazing tech news over the past week. Every week, we'll be breaking down the top stories in tech and keeping you up to date on all the information you need to know. So grab a cup of coffee and get ready to dive right in. Let's get to it!

Usually, I send this newsletter on Saturdays. But let me tell you a little secret about vacations: they're not breaks but work boomerangs. You toss your tasks away, and guess what? They come back - doubled!

Anyways, I initially toyed with the idea of sending a newsletter during my time in Mexico. But honestly, juggling margaritas by the pool and basking in the scorching sun took precedence.

I did, however, write a post. Instead of mailing it out, I shared it via the newsletter’s homepage, which you can find at any time at It’s worth reading and gives you a behind-the-veil look at how it runs a newsletter. Read it here:

🔌 OpenAI has made its in-house plug-in, Code Interpreter, available to all ChatGPT Plus subscribers. This tool allows ChatGPT to run code and access uploaded files.

🧰 The AI can write code in Python and manipulate files up to 100MB. It enables users to generate charts, maps, data visualizations, and graphics, analyze music playlists, create interactive HTML files, clean datasets, and extract color palettes from images.

🔄 The older, more popular version of TweetDeck has unexpectedly returned with free API access. This is after it was disabled last week due to Twitter's introduction of a rate-limiting paywall and the termination of legacy APIs.
Naturally, users like myself and many others are super stoked to see this but also keeping our fingers crossed that it won't get yanked away again.

🚀 Threads' is killing it. Millions signed up in just a few days! It looks like Twitter might have some serious competition, especially with all the recent gripes from its users. But let's not pop the champagne yet - keeping folks hooked for the long run? Now that's a whole different ball game.

🔗 Other stories worth reading

How Threads’ Privacy Policy Compares to Twitter’s (and Its Rivals’)
A comparison of what personal data Threads, Twitter, Bluesky, Mastodon, Spill, and Hive Social collect from users, based on their listings in Apple's App Store - Wired

Sarah Silverman is suing OpenAI and Meta for copyright infringement
Following similar lawsuits, Sarah Silverman and two other authors sue OpenAI and Meta, claiming LLaMA and ChatGPT were trained on copyright-infringing material - The Verge

How to Blow Up a Timeline
How a TikTok-like algorithm and pay-to-play scheme ruined Twitter's complex but functional community, causing the social network to suddenly lose its vitality - Remains of the Day

How Twitter lost its place as the global town square
Twitter's biggest struggle is its arcane follower-based system, contrasted with TikTok's algorithmic feed that lets even users with no followers reach millions - The Washington Post

🛠️ New Tools that I’m Using

HyperWrite: Personal Assistant: HyperWrite has just launched its latest creation: a personal assistant that promises to revolutionize our interaction with the internet - as lofty as that sounds.

HyperWrite’s personal assistant isn't just another app making empty claims; this one truly delivers on its promise (and then some). Need help sorting through hundreds of emails? It’s got you covered. Want assistance filling out tedious online forms while shopping? Consider it done! Or maybe you're too busy to even shop - no problem at all. This AI-powered aide will handle that too!

Having surfed the internet for over two decades now, I must confess - I've never come across anything quite like this before. Granted, they’re still working out some kinks since they're only in Alpha stage right now but from my early access experience over these past few weeks – wowza! Sure there are improvements needed here and there but considering its nascent state – I'm genuinely impressed by its performance so far.

🛠️ Tools I gotta try

  • Momtento: Momento AI is a fascinating new app that allows users to create their very own AI clone. This isn't just some gimmicky avatar, but an interactive digital doppelgänger.

  • Instagram Story Scheduler Tool: This isn’t hard to figure out. You schedule Instagrams Stories with it. It’s made by the official Instagram team.

  • FlutterFlow AI Gen: Just describe what you need, and FlutterFlow's AI Gen gets to work - whether it's generating databases or crafting UI components. It's like having a seasoned developer by your side.

  • BirthdayAI: BirthdayAI, is your intelligent reminder for all occasions. Never miss birthdays, anniversaries, or holidays with our AI-powered notifications.

  • - An easy-to-use, simple, privacy-focused alternative to Google Analytics. Fully compliant with GDPR, PECR, and CCPA.

  • MindOS: MindOS is an innovative platform that allows users to create autonomous AI agents, aiming to democratize AI and boost productivity.

🚨 Deals

Alright, folks, it’s no secret: Today is Amazon Prime Day. So keep your browser locked on for all the latest and greatest deals.

At the same time, other retailers are holding their sales, and some are doing their best to have you ignore Prime Day altogether. We’re talking about some serious discounts.

Best Buy is holding a “Black Friday in July Sale,” Crutchfield’s legendary Real Deal Days kicked off today, and others are going live, so there are other options if you’re not an Amazon shopper.

Yup, Samsung will give you free money just for giving them your email. Seriously, that’s it. You provide them with a name and email for reserving interest in their upcoming Galaxy Z Flip 5 or Fold 5, and you get a $50 discount when it’s time to preorder. This is a no-commitment offer.

I’m debating launching a deals newsletter I would send daily or bi-weekly. It wouldn’t be too hard to do since I handle most of the deal efforts at KnowTechie, so I could totally do it here.

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Sorry for the short newsletter this week, but I think it’s the perfect length. I don’t know, but if you have any thoughts on this week’s newsletter, please reply or leave a note in the comments. I read every email or comment.

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Alright, I am wrapping this up. See you guys next week.

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