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I will not sell you a course and anyone who does is a scammer

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Happy Monday—or is it Sellout Monday?

Ever feel like life's one big sales pitch? I sure do.

I planned to send this newsletter earlier on Sunday, but I got caught up in a whirlwind of newsletters—five, to be exact. Usually, that's fuel for my fire; I'm all for learning from the pros. But today? Today was different.

Four out of five were peddling the same "miracle" course. You know the type—promises of easy success, vague outcomes, and a price tag that makes your wallet weep.

It's like they all graduated from the same "How to Make a Quick Buck" university. Their first assignment? Sell the course to you.

Look, I get it. Money talks. But there's something unsettling about being sold a dream by someone who's barely awake to it themselves.

And let's talk about the email onslaught. The "limited seats" urgency, the "I'm doing you a favor" angle. Then, suddenly, that 900 course is a steal at 400. It's a relentless, cyclical sales trap.

But here's the kicker: they're all in cahoots, scratching each other's backs with commissions, turning the whole thing into an insincere, self-serving spectacle.

It's a circus, and frankly, it's exhausting.

Here's my solemn vow to you: I won't sell you a course. I won't even try. If that day ever comes, don't bother hitting unsubscribe—I'll pull the plug myself.

Before you go... a final nugget of wisdom:

Beware the siren call of quick-fix courses. If you're eyeing one, led by someone you admire, pause. Give it 30 days. In that time, dive deep into your own self-education. Get your hands dirty with experience. After those 30 days, ask yourself: Do I still need that course?

Chances are, you've gained more than enough to keep going on your own. Trust in your ability to learn and adapt. That's the real secret to success—not a hefty price tag on repackaged common sense.

Stay savvy, stay smart. Don’t be a dumbass.

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Trivia Time

Last week’s question had a great turnout. We had almost 100 people guess the answer from a list of multiple-choice questions. And for the most part, most of you got it right.

What is the name of the app developed by Google that can measure the distance between objects using your smartphone's camera?

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Last week’s answer: What was the name of the app where users record video by holding their phone to their chest to capture real moments without being able to prove it?

Answer: Beme

I still talk about this app to this day because it was so ahead of its time. YouTuber Casey Neistat launched the app back in 2016 (we covered its launch!), then shut it down in 2017. It was short-lived, but it certainly left its mark. Wish we could see more apps like this.

🤔 Something to think about 🧠

Sometime during my Sunday scrolling session, I came across this tweet from Cindy Krum, the founder of MobileMoxie. She proposed an interesting theory: either Google lacks ideas or is holding onto something so significant that they are confident everything will be fine. They seem to be saving their funds for an uncertain future situation. Here is the tweet:

Interesting Thought:

Google has done some layoffs with more planned, and has been shutting lots of things down - supporting a lot less for web marketers: Local business sites, working analytics, mobile-friendly test, Google Assistant stuff, meaningful PPC bidding, Google Podcasts, etc.

They are leaning harder on AI everywhere, but results are getting worse, and responses are seeming nonsensical and defensive, and their historical public communication has been proven false or at least misleading in the legal cases.

One, some or all of these things seem to be at play:

- They have something REALLY big planned, (which we have all been expecting)

- They are doing much worse than they are reporting publicly - They are now aggressively conserving money to manage bad outcomes from the legal cases

- They are now aggressively conserving money to simply continue to fund an AI moonshot that is not working out and/or proving to be more expensive than planned.

No one just wakes up one morning and says "Lets do layoffs, and pre-announce more layoffs for the near future." unless there is a significant pain and/or risk on the horizon.

Cindy Krum via Twitter

Do you have any thoughts on this? I believe nobody knows what is happening over there. I do not know anyone who works at the company, but recent rumors suggest the leadership is solely motivated by financial gain.

Can you explain why Sundar Pichai consistently sells his company shares? Personally, I support the idea of Google facing consequences for its actions.

While they will be missed, if we can remove this company from the equation, it would pave the way for other advertising companies to step up, as there are plenty of alternatives available.

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Alright folks, this is where I wrap it up. As always, my door is always open. Reply to this email and say hi. Always happy to talk shop.


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